Visit the Ol Jogi Conservancy with Cheetah Revolution Safaris!

The Ol Jogi Conservancy comprises a jaw dropping 58’000 acres of space that is north of Nanyuki and is situated just 225km from Nairobi. The Ol Jogi Conservancy also has an impressive wildlife rescue centre and exemplary veterinary clinic to help protect and rescue the wildlife that roams throughout the whole of the Laikipia region of Kenya.

As it acts as a private rhino sanctuary, the Ol Jogi Conservancy is most known for its many rhino’s that are able to be seen during exciting game drives. However, rhinos are not the only game that you can expect to see during your visit to the Ol Jogi Conservancy, as the reserve is also full of other endangered species such as the Reticulated Giraffe and the Grevy Zebra. On top of this, the Ol Jogi Conservancy is also home to predators like African Wild Dog’s, Lion’s and Cheetah’s, so you certainly won’t be left disappointed if you choose to visit the Ol Jogi Conservancy for its game spotting opportunities.

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Ol Jogi Conservancy