Africa’s highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro, is situated as the crown jewel of the Amboseli National Park, which in turn makes it one of the most popular parks in Africa. This is why Cheetah Safaris includes a visit in most of our Kenya based tours. If you’ve picked a package that doesn’t, then get in touch with us and we can help create a personalised itinerary for you with stops at this exceptional National Park.

Why go on an Amboseli National Park Safari?

Did you know that ‘Amboseli’ translates into the language of the Masai which means ‘salty dust’? This area is perfect for spotting large herds of elephants, zebra, dik-dik and well over six hundred species of bird. Amboseli National Park is renowned for being one of the best places to get up close and personal to a range of wildlife including elephants.

Covering both Kenya and Tanzania, the Amboseli National Park is over 151 square miles long and isn’t just home to an amazing array of game. The Masai people call Amboseli home and meeting them is an experience in itself. Why not choose a safari that can showcase the best of Amboseli National Park from Cheetah Safaris?

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Amboseli National Park