Discover Meru National Park with Cheetah Safaris. Our team of expert guides with help you explore the unspoilt beauty of the Kenyan landscape. You can experience different terrain in just one park when you visit Meru, from jungle to rivers, swamp to grasslands.

Why Meru National Park is the best location for safaris

This diverse vegetation type is, of course, home to an incredible variety of animals. As part of your tour with Cheetah Safaris, you can see the Big Five, including Elephants, Hippos and Buffalo, as well as a range of species of snakes and birds.

At its peak, the highest area of Meru is within the Nyambeni Hills which are a whopping 2500 metres above sea level, and the entire park spans out across 870 sq. Km. There are also thirteen rivers that cut through the National Park and meander through the incredible landscape. See Meru National Park for yourself with Cheetah Safaris. If you’re interested in booking a safari with Cheetah Safaris, take a look at our Kenya Safari packages.

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Meru National Park