7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Africa

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Best bespoke family destinations are in Africa

Every Kid after watching the King Lion Movies and others, Africa has always been on the top list of every body planning a trip to Africa. The moments of families (Parents and kids) are mostly made in Africas wilderness. After seeing the real wilderness, wildlife and much more beautiful land scapes and most importantly, the people, Africa tops being the best continent to host tourists of all kinds. Welcome to Africa.

kenya family naboisho camp guide and children running stevie mann
Kenyan Family Safaris – Cheetah Safaris

An awesome collection of wildlife and birds

Africa is realized to be the land of wilderness and real life experiences. With the many collection of wildlife species, we tend to host different people who are interested in different types of wildlife species sight seeing.

Samburu Intrepids Luxury Camp - Cheetah Revolution Safaris
Samburu Intrepids Luxury Camp – Cheetah Revolution Safaris

Beautiful Landscapes and awesome sightings

Africa is considered as the second Largest Continent in the world with huge land mass that is occupied by the Africans. With it, We got awesome resorces such as the second highest Mountain (Mt. Kilimanjaro) and the second biggest Lake (Lake Victoria), best traditional communities as Maasai, Zulus, The Bushmen, Eskimos of Congo and Many more.

Angama Mara Camp - Cheetah Revolution Safaris
Angama Mara Camp – Cheetah Revolution Safaris

Best Game Parks and Reserves in the World

Africa is home to big parks and reserves that are home many kinds of Africas Wildlife Species. Masai Mara N. Reserve in Kenya was rated as the best reserve in Africa with the African feeling being on Safari. The Great Migration as the unique point of attraction and the big cats and Big Five. The Great Kruger National Park home to the big Cats and Big Five in South Africa. The Okavango Delta in Botswana with its unique feature and safari attraction. The Serengeti N. Park in Tanzania and the Mbwindi N. Park in Uganda as host o the Gorrillas.

Loisaba Conservancy - Cheetah Revolution Safaris
Loisaba Conservancy – Cheetah Revolution Safaris

Best Wilderness Accommodations and unique services

Angama Mara, was voted the best Camp accommodation facility in the world giving its clients bespoke services. Africa has great accommodation facilities, among which the best African safari resorts listed here. You are ensured to get more than what you expect with Africas accommodation.

Angama Mara Camp - Cheetah Revolution Safaris
Angama Mara Camp – Cheetah Revolution Safaris

Culture and African Communities

With the diverse and many tribes in Africa, be sure not to go home inexperienced person from the wide variety of communities. From Kenya, the Masaai, Samburu, Turkana, to South Africa, the Bushmen, to Congo the pygmies, to Ethiopians culture and Matoke meals in Uganda and many more. Its one stop destination for everyone who needs a lifetime experience.

Samburu Intrepids Luxury Camp - Cheetah Revolution Safaris
Samburu Intrepids Luxury Camp – Cheetah Revolution Safaris

Best Cities and City Life

Nairobi is one of the best cities in Africa and rated 3rd on trip advisor as the best city to visit. Its the only city in the world with a National Park just 15 min drive away from the city, where you will spot the Big 4 among the Big 5. Other cities like Dar es Laam, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Addis Ababa, Kigali and others, have their different unique attractions of their kind.Feeding Time at Giraffe Manor


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Africa always has its best and always remain the best awesome place to spend.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Africa
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