How to plan the best African Safari on a Budget in 2023

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African Safari on a Budget - Cheetah Safaris
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How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget – Travel on a Budget

Are you wondering whether it is possible to do African safaris on a budget? The good news is that this is certainly possible and can actually be an amazing experience compare to luxury safaris.

It’s actually something of a myth that African safaris are always very expensive and one can not afford one, in actual sense, they range from different rates. To understand how much an African safari costs, we have done a detailed post to guide you through.

The fundamental point of a safari, after all, is to experience the incredible diversity of life, interact with people, discover new destinations and enjoy sightings of different wildlife species in their natural habitat.

However, finding an African safari on a budget will mean being flexible and willing to compromise – whether it’s on the country or national park you go to, who you book with, the time you go, and the standard and location of your accommodation.

How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget
Guests on Safari in Masai Mara – How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget

How to plan a trip to Africa on a budget

Enjoying a cool view while on the champagne and hot tub – or even cooling off in your room with the air conditioning; that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out on hearing the sounds of the savannah as you sleep or spotting African animals up close in their natural environment.

The actual sense of an African Safari is to immerse yourself in the wild, feel and drown in nature itself. Feel the beauty and energy it brings, which we call a magical experience. All these can be either on a budget African Safari or a Luxury African Safari.

With this in mind, here are our top African Safari Budget tips to make your safari a memorable one:-

1. Book With a Local Tour Operator / Agency

Did you know booking your budget African Safari can be way cheaper compared to booking through an agent in your country or region? This is because they understand the route, and expenses and can offer you cheaper accommodation options as well.

A local Tour Operator understands well how your African Budget Safari can be, and their commission is very small as their operating costs as well are low.

They are also in a better position to help you understand what best works for you, and what suits your budget and destinations too. Their knowledge of safaris within their destinations is top-notch.

Cheetah Safaris is 100% locally owned and we are proud to confirm that we can help you plan a once-in-a-lifetime safari experience at a very affordable budget and during the best times of the year.

How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget
How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget

2. Set the number of Days of your African Safari

As you plan an African Safari on a Budget, the number of days affects the entire budget of your safari. Consider planning short stays in different destinations that you would want to visit, but don’t stay for long.

For example, a 3 days Masai Mara Safari is very affordable compared to a 6 days Masai Mara Safari. The fewer days the better if you are on a budget, and you want to maximize a lot of experiences and not relaxation.

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How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget

3. Choose your African Safari Destinations Well

Planning for an African Budget Safari requires you to be keen on where you want to go and visit as well as create your memories. By planning an African Safari on a Budget, you might find yourself limited to certain destinations that are pocket friendly in terms of entry fees and accommodations.

Some African Destinations and National Parks have expenses that make your safari expensive such as concession fees, high park fees, and many others making it hard to travel on a budget.

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How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget

4. Compromise on Accommodation while on safari

While planning for an African Safari on a Budget, luxury accommodation shouldn’t even be part of the plan. Ground camping and budget-tented camps, hotels, and resorts should be the priority.

For example, Kenya has options for budget accommodation, which makes all our Kenya Safaris affordable and easy to enjoy experiences, especially if you are looking to spot many wildlife species.

How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget
How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget

5. Plan your Safari during the low season / rainy season

The best time to enjoy a relaxed African Safari, especially in East Africa, the best time is between April – June. Although this is a very tricky time, since East Africa receives long heavy rainfall, it’s the best time to have a comfortable safari experience.

The Best time to visit Kenya and Tanzania is between January and March or July all the way to October when the weather is hot and dry, but with the lush green ground since they happen after a season of rainfall.

During the April to June season, most safari accommodations and safari companies in East Africa have offers that run through that season, and it’s good to keep an eye on them. This will well to plan your African Safari on a budget but enjoy some luxuries and beautiful experiences.

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How to Plan the Best African Safari on a Budget

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How to plan the best African Safari on a Budget in 2023
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