5 Best Safaris For seniors – African Safaris for the Elderly

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5 Best Safaris For seniors – African Safaris for the Elderly

Africa is home to every person including our senior people looking for a retirement holiday. Africa brings rest and a pure world full of joy, laughter, and great memories that befits seniors. We at Cheetah Safaris, have the best ideas on how to create a memorable safari experience, with care, love attention, and precautions for our senior guests.

We know it’s not easy to plan a senior-related safari to Africa, but our Safari experts are professional in planning and designing interesting and experiential senior safari itineraries to fit their interests.

Our Senior safaris are well-designed and developed to fit our guest’s preferences and interests. We ensure we select the best safari destinations that fit senior travelers and enjoy a cool relaxing moment in the wild. 

Our safari experts recommend flying safaris for our senior guests that are comfortable, relaxing, and convenient to cross over long distances in Kenya and Tanzania. Our senior guests fly over long distances visiting destinations like the Masai Mara from Nairobi or Serengeti National Park from Arusha. 

A relaxing holiday for our senior guests includes just staying in your safari tent and enjoying what nature offers around your tent. Soak into the wild, swallow the beauty and absorb the magic of the East African beauty. Our African Safaris for seniors are the best consideration for your retirement holidays in Africa. 

Kenya National Parks and Reserves - Kenya National Parks - Kenya National Reserves - Kenya Safaris - Masai Mara Safaris - Cheetah Safaris
5 Best Safaris For seniors – African Safaris for the Old – Kenya Safaris

Our Experts have listed the 5 best safaris for Seniors who would love to Safari

Senior citizen tour packages – Tours for senior citizens to Kenya and Tanzania

We have some of the best senior safaris selected just for you. These safari holidays for seniors are not limited to flying safaris, they can be customized to road transfers and either end or start at the Kenya coast. With our experienced Safari Guides, you are assured of exemplary care, attention, and service. 

We offer authentic senior citizen safari experiences, that are designed by safari experts. They are all well-considered and unique to give you an out-of-this-world memory. We have selected the best senior safaris for senior citizen travelers below:- 

  1. 17 Days Kenya Tanzania Safari With a Beach Extension Holiday:- This safari holiday offers authentic experiences as you traverse the major parks of Kenya and Tanzania. The journeys are not intense and allow one to rest and harmonize with nature. With an extension to the beach, it totally completes your safari holiday and is a perfect way to unwind. This would be the best choice for our elderly generation. 

    Read More About This Safari And book it Directly

  2. 12 Days Kenya & Tanzania Safari Combined – A unique safari plan that takes care of your interest in sighting wildlife in both Kenya and Tanzania. Specifically designed to spot and witness the wildebeest migration and crossings. Spending in the two major national parks in East Africa, The Masai Mara, and Serengeti National Park.

    Read More About This Safari And Book it Directly 

  3. 5 Days Tsavo East and West From any Coastal Beach Hotel:- A short yet interesting safari for guests having a beach holiday in Kenya. Visiting the biggest parks in Kenya, Tsavo East, and Tsavo West National Parks. They offer authentic African Safari experiences. This safari can start from Mombasa, Watamu, Diani Ukunda, or Nairobi. 

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  4. 4 Days Ultimate North Safari – Fly-in:- A 4 day Northen Kenya safari expedition visiting the Samburu National Park and the Sera Conservancy in the Samburu region. Fly and spend 3 nights doing amazing safari activities such as safari walks, game drives, bush dinners, bush breakfasts, Camel rides, and much more. 

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  5. 9 Days Culture, Wildlife and Conservation Safari:- A special safari that escapes you into the wild environment of the Kenyan North. Get a well-spiced tour visiting the Samburu people, engage in conservation projects, and do amazing safari activities. Visit the famous Reteti Elephant Sanctuary to spend time with orphaned baby elephants, and Sera Conservancy and be free tracking wild rhinos.

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5 Best Safaris For seniors - African Safaris for the Old
5 Best Safaris For seniors – African Safaris for the Old

Which are the Best Safari Destinations for Seniors in Africa?

Africa is blessed with amazing safari destinations that offer our guests amazing and authentic experiences. Below we have listed the best 5 destinations where seniors can enjoy and have relaxed wildlife holidays.

  1. Masai Mara National Reserve:- The best destination in Kenya for Wildebeest Crossings and big cat sightings, birding, and wild adventures. Enjoy short and full-day game drives, enjoying sightings of the Tano bora cheetah coalition, or the big lion prides roaming the plains of the Mara. 
  2. Serengeti National Park:- Sharing the same ecosystem with Masai Mara, is best for wildebeest calving, Migration and crossings too. Witness more than 8000 wildebeest calves born daily in the Ndutu conservation area South of Serengeti, a magical moment to admire. Also best for big cat sightings too.
  3. Amboseli National Park:- Imagine waking up to the cracking sound of birds and opening your door and this beauty of Mt. Kilimanjaro blows your day with aww. That’s the best of Amboseli, but an additional game drive with the elephants completes your holiday.
  4. Samburu National Reserve:- Spot some of the best sightings in Northern Kenya. Samburu offers sightings such as the special five wildlife species such as the gerenuk, Grevy zebras, reticulated giraffes, beisa oryx, and the Somali ostriches. A recommended destination for senior safari guests.
  5. Ngorongoro Crater:- Known to be one of the largest calderas in the world, our senior safari guests can enjoy amazing sightings of black rhinos and big cats. Enjoy spanning views of the crater from your tent every morning or evening.
Amboseli National Park Kenya Safari
Amboseli National Park Kenya Safari – African Safaris For The Elderly

Healthy and Safety for Senior Safaris and Holidays 

As much as we plan these safaris, our senior safari holidays are done in detail. A lot is considered including their transfer comfort, accommodations, game drives, and safety. Senior citizens are vulnerable to getting sick if hygiene is not seriously taken care of. 

We ensure we offer our senior safari guests medical help, evacuation services and emergency contacts in case they feel are not uncomfortable. Their concerns are of paramount importance to us as any other guest of safari. Cheetah Safaris has emergency contacts and departments that ensure they handle our senior safari guests’ queries and emergencies. 

We book all our senior guests in very secure and safe safari camps that are either fenced or under tight security from wildlife. This ensures that our senior guests are comfortable and sleeping in peace with no disturbance. 

The safari camps booked for our senior safari guests are comfortable, the tents are spacious to offer enough air circulation and also big size beds for enough sleep. With no noise and disturbance from outside activities. 

Looking for The Best Senior Safari in Africa? Book Our African Senior Safari Packages

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