Child Friendly Safari Accommodations (Camps & Lodges) in Kenya

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Choosing a Safari that has the best engagement for kids and as parents or guardians, is a little bit hectic. Putting up an indulging safari for your kids takes a lot of consideration and that’s where a tour operator comes in to help you plan your upcoming family safari holiday.

Kenya has some of the best family-friendly accommodations, that are suitable for kids. With a blend of safari, it completes a kid’s holiday.

Best Time to Visit Kenya with Kids / Children

First, let’s get to know the best time Kids can visit Kenya to enjoy an optimal activity filled holiday. Kenya has 3 Main seasons, including :

  1. Low season: happens between April and June
  2. High Season: happens between Jan and March, Nov to Dec
  3. Peak Season:- July to October, also known as wildebeest season.

Kids need a lot of time in order to enjoy their holiday. A minimum of 15 days is what our experts recommend to have in order to maximize their holiday exposure.

Therefore holidays planned between Jan and March are the best for kids. At this time, the rates are friendly, there is no congestion in parks and reserves, and also is one of the best season to spot wildlife. This season is dry and wet towards the end of Feb. It gets wet from march onward to June for the long rains in East Africa.

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7 Best Accommodation in Kenya for Family Safari Vacation.

Our experts have compiled below some of the best safari accommodations that your kids can enjoy their holidays while in Kenya.

  1. Offbeat Masai Mara:- Offers some of the incredible safari experiences, Offbeat gives kids a lifetime memory holiday while they engage in horse riding, game walks, game drives, and conservation activities.
    Its recommended to spend
  2. Oldonyo Lodge:- An exclusive luxury lodge located in Chyulu Hills National Park. Offering amazing safari experiences for families and especially kids. Enjoy best views of Mt, Kilimanjaro and a whole game drives viewing wildlife. Engage in community projects and other conservation engagements.
  3. Sirikio Lodge:- An award-winning lodge, located in Laikipia, it offers an excellent safari holiday for kids. Built under acacia forest, its most frequent visitors are giraffes that visit them during breakfast. Kids can engage in safari activities such as game walks, conservation, and camel rides.
  4. Mbweha Camp:– A luxury safari camp located in the Lake Nakuru National Park, offers an incredible safari experience for kids. With activities such as game walks, camel rides, and much more.
  5. Chui Lodge:- A lodge set on the shores of Lake Naivasha, Chui Lodge is an exclusive property that suits kids holidays. Pumped with a lot of activities such as boat rides, horse rides, visiting the recent island, and much more.
  6. Loyk Mara Camp:- With a family set up, the camp is one of the best family-friendly accommodations in Masai Mara. Equipped with kids facilities such as bouncing castles, swimming pool, and kids corner, making it an incredible kid’s friendly camp.
  7. Tortilis Camp:- Located in the land of the Jumbo, Tortilis Camp in Amboseli National Park is an ideal destination for your kids.

Our Safari programs are kids friendly ensuring they maximize the holiday activities available at different destinations within Kenya. From wildlife to culture, to conservation to equip kids with wildlife conservation awareness.

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Child Friendly Safari Accommodations (Camps & Lodges) in Kenya
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