Best Conservation Safari Accommodations in Samburu Reserve

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Best Conservation Safari Accommodations in Samburu Reserve

Samburu National Reserve has evolved through time from one of Kenya’s newest parks to one of Africa’s top wildlife preserves. The reserve is a vast area of remote, untouched wilderness on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River. Samburu reserve is among the best places to go on an authentic safari because of its unspoiled wildness, high wildlife concentrations, and secluded position.

Conservancies in Samburu Reserve

As a wildlife environment, the Samburu National Reserve also includes a variety of conservancies. The conservancies are the West Gate Community Conservancy, the Namyunak Wildlife Conservancy, and the Kalama Conservancy.

Conservancies are places that have been set aside to save wildlife and its habitat. These are joint initiatives by the Samburu people and other private landowners to expand the space available for wildlife while safeguarding it from poaching and conflicts between humans and wildlife.

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Are you interested in animal observation in breathtaking natural settings and wish to protect such an experience for future generations? Consider taking part in a Conservation Safari.

A conservation safari allows you to experience wildlife in their unique and natural environments while contributing personally to support and promote local communities and conservation projects.

Conservation Safari accommodations in Samburu reserve. 

On your conservation safari, take in the splendor of the Samburu reserve while staying in plush, exquisite accommodations that serve as a home away from home.

Saruni lodge

Located in the privately-owned Kalama wildlife conservancy, Saruni lodge is one of the most beautiful accommodations in Samburu. This uniquely designed lodge is perched on the top of Kalama mountains with a comprehensive view of Northern Kenya and the snow-covered Mount Kenya. The lodge is the only lodge in Kalama conservancy.

With six open and spacious luxury villas, Saruni Samburu offers comfort with spectacular views of the northern frontier. Additionally, Saruni offers a child-friendly environment with interactive activities and experiences making it a perfect accommodation for you and your family.

Samburu warriors also act as guides at Saruni lodge. During an interaction such as a walking safari, You will learn about their customs and acquire long-forgotten, local information about the land and animals.

Saruni Lodge-Best Conservation Safari Accommodations in Samburu Reserve
Saruni Lodge

Sarara camp

Sarara Camp is located at Namyunak Wildlife Conservancy. In a secluded, unspoiled, and scenic setting Sarara camp provides an intimate Kenyan experience with stunning views of the Mathews Range and the Samburu wilderness.

The Sarara Foundation offers a model of conservation that helps people protect wildlife and biological diversity. Because of the Samburu and Sarara conservation initiatives, the largest herds of the critically endangered reticulated giraffe are found in Namunyak Conservancy. Other animals such as elephants and the Gravy’s zebra are also found in large numbers.

Sarara provides the perfect platform to experience intimate wildlife encounters; at the lodges or while on safari.

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Sasaab lodge

Sasaab is a magnificent luxury tented camp that offers some of the best wildlife safari activities and sightings right above the Ewaso Nyiro River. Within the Westgate Conservancy, this exquisite safari lodge offers breathtaking views of the Laikipia plateau.

Sarara offers the ideal setting for close encounters with wildlife at the lodges or while on safari. With the revenue earned from the resort lodge, Sasaab has contributed financially to the local projects, including Security, roads, and clinics.

Sasaab provides Kenya’s finest accommodations with luxurious, spacious tents designed elegantly to cater to your comfort during your conservation safari.

Sasaab room with a view-Best Conservation Safari Accommodations in Samburu Reserve
Sasaab room with a view

Enjoy a meaningful safari adventure while helping to conserve wildlife and vegetation.

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Best Conservation Safari Accommodations in Samburu Reserve
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