Welcome to our new website!

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Welcome to our brand-new website here at Cheetah Safaris!

As we strive to provide our customers with an unforgettable safari experience, we thought it was time to get a brand-new look, making it even more enjoyable for you to choose your perfect safari holiday!

The revamp to our website enables our customers to get the best vision of what a real safari holiday entails. Start your safari holiday booking and uncover what our new website has to offer.

New accessible features

With our website being the core of showcasing the best of our safari packages, every detail counts. Therefore, one of our new features includes our brand-new logo image!

We wanted to ensure our logo is bespoke, whilst also capturing Cheetah Revolution Safaris as a travel company. So, we created a bold and eye-catching design, that of course involves our wildlife friend, the cheetah!

When embarking on a safari excursion, it is important to get to know the people who you’ll be experiencing your excursion with. Therefore, we have included a Meet the Guides section, so our customers can get to know the Cheetah Safari team, who provide exceptional safari excursions with their experience and passion!

Showcasing the best of our safaris

Don’t worry, our extensive range of safari holidays and packages are still available. However, by prioritising what our customers want to see, they are much easier to navigate, as you can choose the destination, adventure or day trip you require.

Each section will uncover our variety of safaris, from a luxury safari in some of East Africa’s outstanding accommodation, to a honeymoon safari where you can combine sand and sea with wildlife and grassland, all in one holiday.

Alternatively, choose from Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda and discover all the safaris in these outstanding destinations!

An improved breath-taking gallery

When booking a safari, we understand our customers want to get an idea of the beautiful scenery and wildlife the location has to offer. With this in mind, we wanted to enhance the gallery, as a picture paints a thousand words!

Access all the breath-taking images, showcasing East Africa’s diversity, from the transport and accommodation you’ll be staying in, to the culture and wildlife you will come up close and personal with.

Get an idea of what you can expect when embarking on a Cheetah Safari excursion, by visiting our safari gallery.

Contact Cheetah Safaris today!

With an easily accessible and eye-catching new website, there is no excuse to not delve into the safari experiences we offer here at Cheetah Safaris.

If you have any questions regarding the packages we offer or want to know more about the safari’s you can embark on during 2020, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Give us a call on +254 (0)724 337 652  / +254 (0)780 337 652 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you!

Get In touch to book a safari

Contact our experts located in Africa, who have experiences of traveling around Africa. Get someone who knows the in and out of African Safari to offer you expert insights to help you plan your safari to the exact holiday you have been dreaming of.

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Let a Professional help you plan your African Safari. Someone who is on the ground with first hand information about African Destinations.

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Welcome to our new website!
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