African Safari Packing List – Essentials to Pack for Safari

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Essentials to Pack on an East African Safari – African Safari Packing List

So you’ve spent days pouring over the best destinations and you’re excited for your first sighting of the Big Five on your Cheetah Safari adventure!

Packing might be the last thing on your mind, but it’s important to get a good idea of the essentials to bring with you. Nothing beats preparedness! From clothes to cameras, Cheetah Safaris have you covered with what to pack on your safari.

Best Clothes for Safari – A Kenya Safaris Packing

Naturally, the East African landscape is somewhat warm, so be sure to bring your lightweight gear with you. Khaki pants and cotton tops are a must-have, along with cargo shorts and a few t-shirts.

The weather doesn’t differentiate between summer and winter so ensure whenever you’ve booked your trip you’re prepared for the heat! Of course, sunglasses, and a hat are must haves!

Not only is weather and comfort a factor you’ll have to take into consideration, but if part of your safari includes a light aircraft flight, then a 30kg hard-shell suitcase is going to be a hindrance more than a help.

Many of our trips last days and include traveling from different locations, so a soft canvas bag would be more appropriate.

It is not advisable to wear any form of clothing that may be construed as “camouflage”. By this, we mean any form of brown/green “combat” style coloring.

Even if it is the latest fashion statement – and even if it is your 14-year-old wearing it – and even if it is just a cap.

Many African authorities have a disproportionate phobia about such garments and this could conceivably result in you being questioned or harassed by the police.

It has the potential to cause you grief, so don’t plan on packing any of these for your Kenya safari holiday.

Africa Safari Packing List - African Safari Holidays - Cheetah Safaris
Africa Safari Packing List – African Safari Holidays – Cheetah Safaris

Africa Safari Packing List – African Safari Holidays – Cheetah Safaris

Travel Toiletries

Toiletries can take up a lot of space and add to unnecessary baggage, so instead, why not try an all-in-one shampoo and conditioner as opposed to two full-sized bottles?

Obviously, everyday essentials include a toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap, but should the worst-case scenario happen, and you fall ill it always helps to have tablets and medicine for diarrhea, headaches, and some anti-sun to get rid of that sunburn!

Planning a holiday to Kenya and Tanzania?


Camera, video, and binoculars

Whilst most people will remember to take their camera and/or video cameras (or will use their mobile phone), not everyone thinks they need to take binoculars or rather add them to their Safari Packing List!

Binoculars are ESSENTIAL for optimum wildlife viewing on safari (and a GOOD pair of binoculars will make a BIG difference to your safari), hence an important item that should not miss in your Safari Packing List. Although we provide most of these items, it’s good to have a pair by your side.

We strongly recommend a pair of binoculars on safari. Get the most expensive you can afford (at least 8x or better still 10x magnification). Africa is a photographer’s dream.

Not only does the boundless wildlife come in all shapes and sizes, but the continent is also blessed with stunning landscapes, colorful people, and fabulous light!

Don’t miss out. Buy a camera, if you don’t already have one.

Africa Safari Packing List - African Safari Holidays - Cheetah Safaris
Africa Safari Packing List – African Safari Holidays – Cheetah Safaris

Cheetah Safaris Packing List |what to wear on safari Checklist

To make Safari Packing List for your safari easier, our expert guides have created the following Safari Packing List that we recommend you bring to help make your safari comfortable and memorable.

  1. PACK IN A SOLID, SOFT BAG:- Easier to stack in safari jeeps and small airplanes. 15kg limit for domestic flights.
  2. SUN HAT & SUNGLASSES :- Protection from the strong African sun during your game drives, safari walks, and sundowners.
  3.  SUN SCREEN :- To avoid being burned by the sun while out on game drives and doing safari game walks.
  4. BINOCULARS :- Make sure to not miss a thing while on game drives!
  5. COMFORTABLE SAFARI CLOTHES :- Avoid white because of the dust from the savannah. Long sleeves and pants are good for
    the evening to avoid mosquito bites.
  6. SWEATER/FLEECE JACKET :- For chilly nights around the campfire.
  7. WIND JACKET/RAINCOAT :- For the cold mornings & evenings while on safari.
  8. CAMERA :- To capture the memories and experiences. Document your safari holiday easily.
  9. FOOTWEAR :- Comfortable footwear for walking safaris and sandals while you are at the camp.
  10. SMALL BACKPACK :- For your water bottle, binoculars, and camera while on safari
  11. A GOOD BOOK :- For reading and relaxation between the adventures
  12. HEAD LIGHT:- It’s always great to have – African nights are dark!
  13. MOSQUITO REPELLANTS:- Protection from African mosquitos in the evenings/morning

    Africa Safari Packing List - African Safari Holidays - Cheetah Safaris
    Africa Safari Packing List – African Safari Holidays – Cheetah Safaris

Most Importantly Don’t Forget your Passport!

Before you set off to the airport double-check your Safari Packing List & that you have your passport, travel insurance documents, and itinerary to hand!

All that’s left to do is catch your flight and start exploring and enjoying African Safari Holiday.

If you need inspiration take a look at our private safaris in East Africa.

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African Safari Packing List – Essentials to Pack for Safari
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