Our Top 10 Best African Safaris & Tour Holidays – 2023

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Our Top 10 Best African Safaris & Tour Holidays

As your first interest in planning an African Safari, there’s a lot you will need to consider, including the best safaris to pick for your holiday. Our experts have detailed some of the best safaris you can have in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Some of the most iconic safari destinations in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda are Masai Mara, Serengeti, and Bwindi National Park.

Explore the vast plains of the larger Mara-Serengeti ecosystem and sight incredible wildlife species and some of the best wildebeest crossings and migration events.

Here Are Our Top 10 Best African Safaris & Tour Holidays

An African safari holiday features on most travel bucket lists, but with so many incredible wildlife destinations to choose from, how do you know where to go for the best safari in Africa?

Your choice depends on what you’re looking for: a particular species you want to see in the wild, the type of safari holiday you’re interested in (walking, game drives, camping, luxury), and who you’re traveling with, especially if you’re planning on doing a safari with kids.

To have the best African Safaris, a lot is determined, apart from your own preferences, factors like safari costs or budget, but again, you have to know when to travel and visit Africa.

In our list of the Top 10 Best African Safaris & Tour Holidays, we feature tours to Uganda, adventures in Tanzania, and Safari tours in Kenya.


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Top 10 Best African Safaris & Tour Holidays

All Inclusive African Safaris – Kenya Safaris & Tanzania Holidays

Experience Africa with every detail covered with all-inclusive African safaris. Find yourself immersed in the wonders of the landscape, the marvels of wildlife, and the welcoming traditions of local communities while enjoying incredible luxury.

From secluded water holes to impressive picnics in the wilderness, you can enjoy views of elusive wildlife and savor unforgettable accommodations on the adventure of a lifetime.

Our Inclusive safaris and Itinerary ideas all include transfers in a 4×4 land cruiser jeep, to exclusive luxury safari camps with optional activities all included in the safari package.

Some of our exclusive top luxury safaris offer charter flying safaris to your destination and experience the most custom-made experiences.


Bush to Beach Safaris – Long Haul Holidays

A cocktail of the bush and beach safari holiday boosts and helps you have the best African holidays. After a tiresome and long safari in the wild, spotting the big five and other wildlife species, a relaxing 5 nights or more at the best beach is ideal to help you relax and refresh.

When planning a combination of safari and beach work on at least one week in the bush and one week at the beach. In general stay in only one or two national parks on the safari section as this maximizes time on activities instead of too many costly transfers.

A Bush to Beach Safari offers you the best way to experience the African essence from the people to the Indian Ocean, and white sandy beaches. Soak in the breeze of the Indian Ocean after a long-haul exciting Safari holiday from our premium national parks.


Planning a holiday to Kenya and Tanzania?



Kenya & Tanzania Combined Safaris

Explore some of the best African safari destinations with our combined Kenya and Tanzania Safari Holidays. With a minimum of 21 days, you can enjoy the best of Kenya and Tanzania with just one holiday.

Combining Kenya’s Masai Mara with Tanzania’s Serengeti already promises a rewarding safari – when the Ngorongoro Crater is added to the mix, you have one of the most wildlife-intense experiences in Africa.

In the company of expert safari guides, you will enjoy game drives, wildlife sightings, game walks, and balloon safaris as you search for the Big 5 and massed herds of migrating wildebeest plus their ever-present predators, the big cats.

We know guests love our Combining Safaris as the best African Safaris since they get to soak into nature’s 7th wonder of the world. Even if you visit out of Migration season, such is the wealth of wildlife on this tour that you are still assured of great game viewing at all the destinations.

Spot the different species of wildlife such as the special five, the big five, and the wildebeest migration. visit the largest caldera in the world, the Ngorongoro crater.


Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Uganda

Book a 4 days Pure Gorilla Trekking adventure in Bwindi National Park Uganda. Spend a few hours interacting and enjoying the great company of our distant relatives. As part of our best safaris in Africa, Gorilla trekking tops is an adventure that one can wish to explore in Africa..

Venture deep into the steamy jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in search of the rare mountain gorilla. With a local guide to lead you, you’ll trek into the forest to spend one unforgettable hour watching and hanging out with a family of gorillas.

A close encounter with these gentle giants is an extraordinary African experience that will always stay with you.

These tours can be combined with a Rwanda Safari visiting Volcanoes National Park to enjoy more Gorilla, Chimps, and other primate sightings.



Visit The Black Rhinos & Shetani Lava of Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West National Park offers a variety of wildlife and birdlife. More than 600 species of birds have been recorded. Animals to be spotted include the leopard, cheetah, buffalo, rhino, elephant, giraffe, zebra, duiker, waterbuck, lion, crocodile, mongoose, warthog, hyrax, dik dik and porcupine.

Another attraction is the Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary at the base of Ngulia Hills. The sanctuary is part of the Rhino Ark Programme, which protects Tsavo West’s precious population of black rhinos. This makes one of the best African safaris & experiences to have while in Kenya.

The Shetani flow, a black lava flow of 8km long, 1.6km wide, and 5m deep, is the remains of volcanic eruptions. There is a cave located near the center of the outflow, which is only a few meters long, but the exit is not accessible as it is too narrow.

In the far southwestern corner of the park is Lake Jipe, which is fed by runoff from Mount Kilimanjaro and the northern Pare mountains. It is a wonderful attraction to visit.


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Our Top 10 Best African Safaris & Tour Holidays – 2023
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