Top 5 cutest animals on safari

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Rhino on Game Drives
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So, you’ve finally decided to book a trip with Cheetah Safaris, and the excitement has only just begun! Whether you’ve booked to see the great Wildebeest Migration this year or you’re escaping to East Africa for Summer 2018, one of the best parts of a safari is, of course, the game drive. Each safari you book with us includes a drive in a pop-up van or jeep, and an expert guide to help show you all the best spots to see your favourite animals. Depending on what time of year you’ve booked for, you’ll be able to see some of the cutest animals in East Africa, but what are our favourites?

African Safari Animals

1.      Wildebeest

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Wildebeest might not seem like the cutest animals when they’re fully grown, but if you visit towards the beginning of spring, you’ll be able to witness new-born calves and their floppy ears learning to walk for the first time! Alternatively, book an adventure to see the Wildebeest Migration this Autumn and watch as the herd make the journey from the Serengeti to Masai Mara.

2.      Elephants

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Is there anything cuter in the world than a baby elephant? Known to stay in their family, elephants are herd animals and can be seen across various parks and reserves in East Africa. Did you know that an elephant’s gestation period is twenty-two months? Have a look at this two night stay in Amboseli National Park where you’ll have the best view of an elephant herd.

3.      Lions

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Whilst we wouldn’t want to necessarily meet a full-sized lion, their cubs will definitely make you say ‘awww’. Protected by their parents, lion cubs are normally born in a litter of between two and four. Can you imagine having that many brothers and sisters? See lions on the Serengeti with the eight-day Tanzania wildlife safari from Cheetah Safaris.

4.      Baboon

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Similar to humans, a baboon infant will cling to their mother to as long as possible. Baboon babies are known to hang onto their mum’s tummy during the first five weeks of their life, then will move onto her back until the baby can move independently. One of the best places for spotting monkeys and gorillas is the Bwindi Impenetrable Park. See more of our Chimp and Gorilla tours here.

5.      Zebra

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Did you know that when a foal is born, their fur is brown and white, and their stripes turn black over time? Similar to wildebeest, a zebra’s offspring is born early in the year and often join the wildebeest on their migration. Throughout the year you can spot zebra herds at the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania.

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Top 5 cutest animals on safari
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