Top tips for taking great wildlife photography

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Capture every breath-taking moment on our once in a lifetime wildlife photography safari! There’s no better way to make a safari unforgettable than if you have a camera roll full of memories at your disposal. Read the tips below to help make your wildlife photography safari perfect.

Invest in a good quality camera

It goes without saying but having a suitable camera for wildlife photography is a must. DSLR cameras with ‘manual mode’ settings are the best choice. You cannot realistically take amazing shots of wildlife on your smartphone or small compact camera with automatic features. Look for a mid to high-range DSLR if possible. These usually give good protection against the elements and accept a variety of lenses, including zoom lenses.

Select the most appropriate lens

Telephoto lenses are the best options for wildlife photography. They allow you to shoot at distance from an ideal vantage point. Many lenses include image stabilisation to minimise blur during high magnification. The more expenses lenses will have this feature. But if you are on a budget and select a cheaper lens with no stabilisation options, a tripod is a useful tool.

Get the right equipment and protection

It is important to be prepared when taking photographs of wildlife. This is especially the case in more extreme environments, such as desert areas and mountain regions. Sun protection is vital for warm climates, while protective coats, hats, and gloves come in handy for colder weather. Don’t forget to carry a bag to protect your camera (waterproof rucksacks are ideal).

Choose the most appropriate camera settings

Manually adjusting your camera settings takes a lot of practice and knowledge. But this is really the only way to achieve first-rate imagery. Switching the ISO is one method, but the shutter speed and focus settings should also be tuned according to the natural environment and effect you want to achieve.

Learn about the behaviour of animals

Be sure to learn about the behaviour of animals you wish to photograph. Having a clear idea of their movements and favoured environments can help you snap better shots. Conduct plenty of research prior to your trip and have a clear idea in your mind about the camera settings you’ll need to tweak to get that perfect photo.

Practice, practice, practice!

Like the saying goes, practice makes perfect. In the case of wildlife photography, it often takes a sixth sense to capture the most impressive imagery. Many animals will disperse if you get too close to them. So, try and keep out of sight if possible. Before heading out on a shoot, practice your camera skills in your local area. Parks, recreation areas, woodland, and the seaside are all excellent locations.

Have patience

In the city or out in the sticks, all environments have opportunities for great shots. But Don’t expect results immediately. Wildlife photography can require plenty of patience. Animals can be unpredictable, but with research, you can anticipate their actions. It may take many hours to achieve a perfect photograph. Hang in there and the results are often well-worth the wait.

Now you know how to take the best wildlife photograph you can now discover our range of picture perfect Photography Safaris.

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Top tips for taking great wildlife photography
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