The Wildlife of Uganda – Wild Animals To See In Uganda

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Uganda occupies an enviable position in Africa for wildlife. It has an abundance of animals and is also within easy reach of national parks in Kenya and Tanzania. The country has an ideal mixture of flat-plain savannas and national forests, the most popular being Queen Elizabeth. There are also many wildlife reserves.

The northern section of Lake Victoria is accessible from the coast, where the capital of Kampala can be found. Victoria has many examples of interesting wildlife, including fish, birds, and mammals. Lake Albert, Lake Edward, and Lake Kyoga are other popular lakes for fantastic photo opportunities.

But in the national parks and wildlife reserves, it is gorillas and chimpanzees that are the most common. Most of the ‘big five’ animal types can also be readily found scattered across the country: lion, rhino, elephant, buffalo, and leopard. The dry season is the best time to see all that Uganda has to offer.

What Animals Can I Expect To See in Uganda?

Hippo and buffalo are abundant in Uganda. Gorillas and chimpanzees are common. All the ‘big five’ animal types are well-represented. The country has a wide mix of contrasts, which provides ample opportunity to view all kinds of wildlife.

This includes lakeland areas in the south-east, and large forests in the west and north. Besides Queen Elizabeth, Kibale National Park, Bokora Wildlife Reserve, and Kidepo Valleys National Park are also prime destinations for animal viewing.

The abundance of wildlife in Uganda is outlined below:

  • Hippo —Abundant
  • Buffalo —Abundant
  • Gorilla —Common
  • Chimpanzee —Common
  • Zebra —Common
  • Giraffe —Common
  • Elephant —Common
  • Lion —Common
  • Leopard —Occasional
  • White Rhino —Rare
  • Cheetah —Very Rare
  • Black Rhino —None
  • Wildebeest —None

Best Time of Year for Uganda Wildlife Spotting

Most experienced safari travellers recommend the dry season as the best time to visit Uganda for wildlife spotting. Gorilla trekking is possible throughout the year, but it is best to avoid the heart of the wet season since many roads can be impassable.

December to February and June to September are the optimal times to visit. This period brings the most favourable weather in the forests and savannas.

Home To Majestic Primates

Besides hippo and buffalo, primates are common in Uganda. This is one of the main reasons why the country is so popular for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. The golden monkey, patas monkey, and red-tailed monkey are just a few examples. The black-and-white colobus is also commonplace around Uganda. But for those wanting something a little different, Queen Elizabeth National Park is recommended for lion watching. Also, keep an eye out for the rare sitatunga antelope during your travels.

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The Wildlife of Uganda – Wild Animals To See In Uganda

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