Ngorongoro Conservation Area


Ngorongoro Conservation Area: Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater is widely regarded as one of the most stunning spectacles in Africa, and rightly so. This location is renowned for having the highest density of wildlife in the whole of this great continent and is sometimes referred to as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. The Ngorongoro Crater attracts a quite jaw-dropping amount of visitors each year thanks to its great wildlife viewing opportunities and genuinely mind-blowing environment. You can be fully assured that there is nowhere quite like the Ngorongoro crater!

The Ngorongoro Crater Promises a Rich Safari Trip

This magnificent location can be home to approximately 30’000 animals at any given time, and thanks to the craters multiple habitats the diversity of the game here is second to none. One particular species that’s worth mentioning that you may encounter here is the endangered Black Rhino, as a small population of this beautiful animal are thriving in this idyllic and protected environment. In addition to this, you can also expect to witness other captivating games on your visit to the Ngorongoro crater, like flamingos, leopards and lions!

Visit The Ngorongoro Conservation Area

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Ngorongoro Crater is generally an all year best time to visit. The WIldlife is widely spread and with good lush green vegetation within the Conservation Area. The Grass during the months of June to October is short and easy to spot big cats and different wildlife species. 

Jan to March

  • Better time to Spot the big cats, a lot of wildlife presence, and a lot of action. Witness the Wildebeest Calving Season around the southern region bordering Ndutu Conservation Region. Quite a dry season but great for wildlife sightings.

April to June

July to October

  • This is one of the busiest season in the whole year. This is when a lot of guests arrive to witness the Wildebeest Migration in the Central and Northern Serengeti National Park. It gets dry and hot during this season, and becomes one of the best times to spot a lot of wildlife. Its mostly joined with there parks in Tanzania for long haul safaris.

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Ngorongoro Crater is a conservation area that protects the endangered southern white rhinos, elephants, and other wildlife species. It's a well-protected region and recently recorded a high increase in the number of white and black rhinos. 

Most wildlife you will spot Ngorongoro Crater include:- 

  1. The Big Cats (Lions, Cheetahs, Leopards)
  2. Predators (Hyenas, Jackals, serval cats) 
  3. Elephants 
  4. White and Black Rhinos 
  5. Zebras, Topis, Antelopes, Thompson gazelles, Impalas
  6. Wildebeests
  7. Different species of birds 

For more read about what animals you can see while on safari in Tanzania here

Need to plan a safari to Ngorongoro Conservation Crater Area? Talk to Our Experts by filling in our contact form or send us a Whatsapp text to reach us +254780337652

Here are some of the Fees you will pay while visiting the Ngorongoro Crater.

The Ngorongoro crater vehicle entry fee is USD 295 per vehicle. This USD 295 only needs to be paid if you plan to descend (drive inside) the Ngorongoro cater. And yes, this USD 295 Ngorongoro crater vehicle entry fee is per vehicle and not per person!

Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA Transit Fees)

When you are commuting through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you are required to pay the NCA transit fees. As an example, you want to drive from Arusha to Serengeti, and while en route, you will cross Ngorongoro Conservation Area before entering the Serengeti National Park. In this scenario, you will be required to pay the NCA Transit fees at the Ngorongoro gates which is the same as the Ngorongoro park fees mentioned above in the tables. Yes, even if you do not plan to descend inside the Ngorongoro crater, you still need to pay the NCA Transit fees. You do not need to pay the Ngorongoro crater vehicle entry fee of USD 295 per vehicle in this case as you do not descend inside the crater.

The NCA Transit Fees paid are also valid for 24 hours so in case you return to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area after 24 hours, you need to pay these NCA Transit Fees again!

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Kids (1yrs to 11 yrs)

Ngorongoro Crater             $              10.00 $   1.80               $    11.80          

Children Above 11yrs and Below 17yrs

Ngorongoro Crater             $              50.00 $   9.00              $    59.00         

Adults from 17rs and above

Ngorongoro Crater              $              60.00 $ 10.80               $    70.80         

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