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Amboseli National Park Safaris - Mt. Kilimanjaro

Amboseli Safaris Through The Land of the Elephants & Mt. Kilimanjaro

We at Cheetah Safaris suggest strongly adding Amboseli National Park to your Itineraries. Most of our safaris to Amboseli are short to long safaris combined with other major parks in Kenya. A better place to view the huge Jumbos with the beautiful backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro. Explore our extensive Amboseli National Park Safaris and Holidays.
Have a breathtaking morning welcomed by views of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Amboseli, from the comfort of your tent, you will have a whole morning enjoying this golden peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Book our Amboseli Safaris and Tours, and Enjoy the best of this gem.  Filled with herds of elephants, Amboseli National Park offers incredible elephant encounters.
The Land of the Elephants, Amboseli National Park is a premium park set on the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. Amboseli National Park is one of the major parks in Kenya home to huge herds of Elephants, the pride of lions, buffalos, cheetahs, resident wildebeest, impalas, leopards, and different bird species. 
Amboseli Safari combined with Masai Mara Safaris completes your vacation, but you can extend to other major parks and conservancies in Kenya. Read More about Amboseli National Park

Amboseli Safaris and Holidays

Top Amboseli Safaris from Nairobi - Safaris from Nairobi to Amboseli

A safari in Kenya is one of the most sorted holiday vacations in Africa. When you visit Kenya, you wouldn’t want to miss a visit to the famous Amboseli National Park. A safari starting from Nairobi to Amboseli is noted to be the easiest to pick and visit a National park with no issues. It’s located closer to Nairobi and Mombasa, and easily accessible from Tanzania too. 

As you add Amboseli to your itineraries, is good to note that it is a premium safari park, full of amazing wildlife sightings, amazing Kilimanjaro views, and relaxing exclusive camps but not forgetting the amazing locals who live around the park. You can consider visiting Maasai Communities in the Amboseli area, understand their lifestyles and interact with them.

We offer amazing safaris from Mombasa to Amboseli for guests who are on their beach holidays. An Amboseli Tour from Mombasa or Diani is easy to plan, and we recommend you add in the nearest parks such as the Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks. These parks share the same ecosystem as Amboseli. 

With a short stay of 5 days, it is easy to enjoy a combined safari from Mombasa to Amboseli and to Tsavo West National Parks. Plan one of the most memorable safari holidays from Mombasa to Amboseli through Tsavo West, sight the large herds of elephants, and not miss the man-eating lions, and the rare sightings of Kudus, Klipspringers, and dik-diks.

Start Planning Your Amboseli Holiday safaris

We will be glad to receive your safari inquiry and bookings to help you plan and organize your Amboseli Kenya Safaris. Our able safari managers will be ready to go through the process to customize and tailor-make your next Kenya Safari Experience with us.

Combine Amboseli Safaris with...

Combine your Amboseli Safari Tours with other popular destinations

Most of our short and long-haul safaris cover major parks along the great rift valley in Kenya including the award-winning Masai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park to view the Mt. Kilimanjaro, Samburu National Reserve home to the special five, Lake Nakuru National Park home to the white rhinos, and greater and lesser flamingos.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve is home to the greater and lesser flamingos, Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, Aberdares and Mt. Kenya National Parks, Olpejeta Conservancies, and Nairobi National Park.

As you plan a visit to Amboseli, the best way to have a full experience is by combining other safari destinations in Kenya with Amboseli. Discover the wildebeest migration in Masai Mara National Reserve, for at least 4 to 5 nights and later fly to Amboseli for a 3 or 4-night stay to enjoy the magic of the park.

You can add in more destinations like Samburu Reserve and Tsavo West or East. As you plan one of the long-haul safaris, ensure to add in these major destinations as they offer amazing and endless safari holiday experiences. Spot and sight different wildlife species such as the special five wildlife species, the big five, big cats, and different species of birds in Kenya. 

Explore Kenya extensively with our incredible Amboseli Safaris, but our experts can help you customize it in addition to other safari destinations in both Kenya and Tanzania. 

Amboseli National Park Kenya Safari - Amboseli Safaris - Amboseli National Park Safaris - Kenya Safaris - Cheetah Safaris

Amboseli National Park is one of the best safari destinations in Kenya and Africa offering the immesurable experiences to guests. Wake up to incredible views of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Masai Mara National Reserve - Kenya Safaris - Cheetah Safaris

Masai Mara is known for its best show of wildlife sightings and actions. Wildebeest Migration Safaris are some of the best you can see here including some big cats and big five species.

Lake Nakuru National Park - Kenya Safaris - Cheetah Safaris

Home to the great and lesser flamingos that dominates the lake. Lake Nakuru National Park is also the best place to see the southern white rhinos, lions and leopards.

The Ark Aberdares National Park - Cheetah Safaris

Located in one of the highest places in Kenya, Aberdares National Park offers amazing sightings of the Mountain Bongos, mountain elephants and beautiful sceneries of the waterfalls.

Meru National Park - Game Drives in Kenya - Cheetah Safaris Kenya

One of the less visited National Parks in Kenya, Meru is one of the wildest destinations in Kenya. Its home to Rhino conservation and the special five wildlife species including the elephants.

Tsavo West National Park - Cheetah Safaris

Tsavo West National Park offers incredible sceneries and some of the wildest wildlife species. Its the best place to see the wild dogs, black rhinos and hike the chaimu hill. 

Best Time To Visit Amboseli for safaris

Best Time for Amboseli Safari Experiences

Generally, Kenya is best to visit in the dry-season months of July – October when the parks are dry and wildlife viewing is dramatic, easy, and action-packed. The Best time to visit Amboseli National Park is no different from when to visit Kenya. 

But it is best visited when you can enjoy the magical and majestic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro which is between January and March, Just before the long rains. 


1st April to June 15th and 15th Nov to 15th Dec

If you are looking for an intimate exclusive safari but affordable Kenya Safari, this is the best time to visit. 

Best Places to visit includes Serengeti, Masai Mara, Ngorongoro, Amboseli among many others.

high SEASON:

Jan 10th to 1st April and 1st Nov to 15th Dec

One of the most considered seasons to travel and visit East Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. 

Easy to spot the big five and the big cats of the Masai Mara, Serengeti other major parks.


15th June to 30th Oct, 15th Dec to 10th Jan

An action filled season to witness the great wildebeest migration and crossings in Kenya is during this season. 

Incase you are looking for the best adventures, then this is the best fit for you

Amboseli Safari Tours Ideas

Kenya Safari Packages from Nairobi - Short Kenya Amboseli Holiday Safaris

Browse some of our best short and long-haul Amboseli National Park Safaris. These are safari combined with other major parks in Kenya and Tanzania, Also short trips of 2 and 3 days safaris. Discover the beauty of safaris planned and customized by Cheetah Safaris. We will be glad to receive your safari ideas, combine them and customize one amazing safari holiday for you in East Africa. 

In case you would want help in organizing a safari to Amboseli, please don’t hesitate to get in Touch. Our Safari experts are ready and willing to help you design a memorable safari itinerary that includes a visit to Amboseli. 

Experience the best of Cheetah Safaris while on a Kenya Safari Holiday.

Kenya Safaris and Holidays FAQs

Kenya Safari Bookings Q&A

If you have any questions regarding any of our Kenya safari tours, you may find your answer below in our most frequently asked questions. However, don’t be afraid to get in touch if your query is not included in order for our experts to help you design your best Kenya Safaris. 

Our team is happy to help discuss any of our safari packages, destinations, or general information, so you have peace of mind! Get in touch with us now.

Is Kenya Safe to Visit For Holidays / Safaris?

Kenya is a country located East of Africa, with a coastline of more than 1000km. Kenya is safe to visit either with your family, work colleagues, friends or just on solo travel. Security and intelligence levels of Kenya are high to keep all guests and tourists safe while on safari, work, or any other activities. 

Which Are the Best Destinations to visit in Kenya?

Welcome to Kenya, a land full of endless adventure and sceneries. Kenya is blessed to have many attractions that could quench your adventure thirst. From Wildlife Safaris, Safari Activities, Fitness Safari Tours, Beach Holidays, Marine sports and adventure, Cultural Safari Tours, Extreme Activities such as Hiking, Ziplining, and Much more.

The best places to visit in Kenya include:- 
  1. Masai Mara National Reserve:- One of the prime safari destinations in Kenya, offering wildlife sightings and wilderness exposure. Witness the big five, the big cats, and the famous wildebeest migration and crossings over the Mara River. 
  2. Lake Turkana:- Explore the Kenyan North Frontier. A semi-arid region with beauty and magical sightings. Get a chance to visit the Central Island National Park, The Sibiloi National Park, the cradle of Man Kind. Fly over the Suguta valley and view beautiful sand dunes. 
  3. Samburu National Reserve:- The Magical destination in Kenya, pure classified wilderness and beautiful sceneries. Feel at home while in Samburu National Reserve with the special five wildlife and bird species. Hike Mt. Ololokwe, Mt. Nyiro Rangers, and spend time with orphaned elephants and rhinos at Reteti and Sera Conservancy.
  4. Amboseli National Park:- Sitting on the slopes of the majestic Mt. Kilimanjaro, is the prime park home to many elephants, birds, the big five, and big cats. Amboseli National Park hosts thousands of flamingos and many different bird species.
  5. Kenyan Coast:- Deep yourself in some white sandy beaches on the Kenyan Coast such as Diani Beach, Wasini Island, Watamu Beach, Watamu Beach, Mombasa Beaches, and many others such as funzi and chale Island.
  6. Lake Victoria:- Located in the western part of Kenya, Lake Victoria is the biggest lake in Africa and the second biggest in the world. It serves three countries, Kenya Tanzania and Uganda. Enjoy boat rides, fishing expeditions, and beautiful sunsets over the lake.
  7. Mount Kenya:- Climb the highest Mountain in Kenya and the second highest in Africa. Summit and make records with the best views of the landscapes and amazing sightings of Mt. Kenya Lakes such as Lake Michaelson. 


Which Are the Best Safari Tour Packages to do in Kenya?

Kenya has diverse options for safari adventures one can take. Wildlife Safaris to Beach Holidays and Cultural Exposures, are some of the epic and amazing ways to experience Kenya. 

Below are some of the amazing safaris we have for you that can give you amazing exposure.
  1. 12 Days Kenya Pumba Safari:- An extensive safari within Kenya for 12 days. Visiting the major parks and reserves rich in wildlife and beautiful sceneries to admire.
  2. 9 Days Wildlife Conservation Safari:- Wildlife conservation is important and we encourage our guests to learn and engage in conservation. Our 9 Days goes to Northern Kenya featuring cultural visits and engagements. Visit Reteti and Sera conservancies. 
  3. 11 Days Kenya Safari:- A classical safari tour within Kenya. Featuring in the great wildebeest Migration, Special five, and the best views of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Amboseli National Park
  4. 5 Days Aberdares Park & Wildebeest Migration Safari:- Visit the highlands of Kenya, and spot the various huge and small waterfalls such as the Chania and Karuru waterfalls. Visit Masai Mara National Reserve for wildebeest migration and crossings.
  5. Safari Beach Extensions:- After your bush safari, a magical beach holiday awaits you at the Kenyan Coast. With our holiday packages to Diani, Watamu, Lamu, and Mombasa Beaches. 


What’s the Best Time to See the Wildebeest Migration and Crossing?

Wildebeest Move Yearly from Tanzania Ndutu Region To Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara Kenya. Almost 2 Million Wildebeests, Gazelles, Impalas, Topis, and Zebras do migrate every year. 

Read More about Wildebeest Migration Month by Month Guide.

  • December to March is the best time to witness the Wildebeest Calving Season in Tanzania Ndutu Ngorongoro Conservation Region
  • May to July of every year is best to Witness herds Move from Ndutu Region up to Serengeti Central towards the west of the park called Grumeti Region.
  • July every year happens the wildebeest are around Serengeti North, and high probability to spot Wildebeest crossings in the major Mara River.
  • July to October they move towards Masai Mara and spend the days there till the start or end of October. They now start moving back towards Serengeti Tanzania. 
  • Major Wildebeest Crossings over Mara River and Sand River happen Between July and August and in October.

Just to Note:- The Wildebeest Migration is not guaranteed to follow the months as stated above, though the months are 80% of what happened before and the experience we have had with them over the years. Wildebeests and other migratory wildlife like zebras, follow rain patterns, and where the grass is green. Due to their biological culture such as mating, and calving (giving birth), they have to migrate across the plains in order to meet these demands.


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We are a safari company in Kenya that believes in sustainable safari practices, community support, and environment management and protection.

By Booking this safari, you contribute 1% of the bookings to sustainable safari practices and carbon offsetting programs in the world. We are a strong advocate of travel sustainability by ensuring we have all that it takes to protect everything for our future generations and healthy living. 

Carbon Free Safaris
In partnership with biglife foundation & REDD+ CARBON PROJECT

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