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Cheetah Revolution Safaris is a major player in providing Uganda Safaris and is trusted by many that have used our day tours,  savanna and wildlife safaris, adventurous gorilla trekking tours and romantic holiday tours. We pride ourselves in selling top destinations in East Africa but mostly Uganda Safaris, the ‘pearl of Africa’.

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Uganda tourism has risen once again with major travel reviewers like CNN, Jovago and Lonely Planet listing Uganda as one of the world’s top destination, polishing a glint back into the ‘pearl of Africa’. Travellers are streaming in to explore what is basically the best of everything the continent has to offer. For a relatively small country, there’s a lot that’s big about the place. It’s home to the tallest mountain range in Africa, the source that feeds the world’s longest river and the continent’s largest lake.

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Uganda has 10 national parks in total; Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth, Bwindi, Kibale Forest, Kibale forest, Kidepo Valley, Semuliki, Mt Elgon, Mgahinga Gorilla and Rwenzori.

The most visited are Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park & Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, which boast a great deal of biodiversity, including the best wildlife viewing experiences in Uganda.

Cheetah Safaris Uganda safari excursions start from $1,435 per person, including everything from guided tours and luxury camping to photography opportunities of the stunning landscapes and wildlife.

Mountain gorillas only live in the dense vegetation of Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, which alone is home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas.

Yes! Gorilla tourism is set in place by the government, to keep Gorilla Trekking visitors safe and secure in the heart of Africa. Your well-being, safety, and security is of Cheetah safari’s best interest and our experienced guides will ensure you are always protected during your gorilla trekking experience.



1st April to 15th Nov

high SEASON:

Jan 10th to 1st April and 1st Nov to 15th Dec


15th June to 30th Oct, 15th Dec to 10th Jan

migration SEASON:

15th June to 30th Oct


Area: 93,072 sq miles

Population: 41,487,965

Capital: Kampala

Currency: The Ugandan Shilling is the official currency, although the US dollar is widely accepted in tourist areas.

Language: English is the official language, with Swahili, Luganda and other Bantu languages such as Nyoro and Tooro also spoken.

National Parks and Reserves: 10

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