5 Tips for Planning Your 2022 & 2023 Wildebeest Migration Safari

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As you start your travel plans for 2022, there’s a lot that you will wish to experience as travel resumes to the new normal. 2020 and 2021 have been tough and not easy to travel as every travel safari destination has been alert and keen to control the spread of the Covid 19. As we speak, travel seems to open up and 2022 looks optimistic with ease of travel and many countries being flexible. This calls for planning your 2022 wildlife, family, or private luxury safaris in Africa.

There’s much we can recommend to you as you plan your 2022 safaris. But our safari experts are always ready to help you design and curate your safari. This will make it easy and ensure all bits of safari are looked at keenly in order to meet your expectations while on safari with us. Designing your itineraries keenly is what we do best, but as well considering having our able safari guide experts with you all through your holiday is our optimum priority to ensure they look after you pretty well.

Our safaris are designed to cover all major safari destinations in Kenya and Tanzania. A specifically designed safari itinerary that features Kenya and Tanzania, is our combined safaris to Kenya and Tanzania. best suitable for wildebeest migration, big cats and visiting some unique sightings such as the largest crater in the world, Ngorongoro Crater, as well take you to Samburu National Reserve and witness the special five species such as the Grevy zebras, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, Beisa oryx, and the gerenuk.

Planning a holiday to Kenya and Tanzania?


5 Tips for Planning Your 2022 & 2023 Wildebeest Migration Safari

Now let’s look at some of the best tips that you will need to know before planning your wildebeest migration safaris to Kenya and Tanzania. These tips will help you plan accordingly, noting when and when, the best camps and lodges, the best time to book, and more. Read more about the wildebeest movement and how they migrate from Southern Tanzania, Ndutu Area to Masai mara Kenya.

  1. When to Planning and Make Enquiry: As you plan to witness the 7th wonder of the world in Kenya and Tanzania, please note this is the loved and most witnessed wildlife event in Africa. Therefore early planning is highly recommended in order to secure your holiday booking. We recommend starting planning and making inquiries in December to March of any year. This time frame between March and July helps you adjust and make minor amendments to the itinerary. Start planning your wildebeest migration safaris now.
  2. Book Dates and Number of Days: As you start to plan this expedition, you will ask yourself when is the best time for the wildebeest migration and crossings? Well, it’s not guaranteed of the dates to witness the wildebeest crossings to be specific. We recommend you book this safari between End of July and Mid October, consider and minimum of 12 days of Kenya and Tanzania safari to Serengeti and Masai Mara.
  3. Accommodations Camps & Lodges: Where you stay on your Wildebeest migration expeditions, do matter a lot. Some of the camps are more luxurious due to the prime location to witness the wildebeest crossings at a short distance. This helps you have maximum view and experience of this lifetime phenomenon. To have this chance, an early booking would be required to secure your booking, and have the best camps that will offer you maximum experience.
  4. What to bring: While this is a lifetime experience, it’s good to make those lifetime memories. It’s best to carry a good camera that will capture every moment, recommended safari clothes that do not distract or get attention to wildlife, since wildlife will be in plenty during this season, its recommended to carry insect repellants to help you have a well-relaxed safari.
  5. Plan on other activities: It’s not only the wildebeest migration and crossings that will color your safari, but addons are best to compliment your whole experience in Kenya and Tanzania. Adding other safari activities will make your holiday more enjoyable. Engage in African safari walk, and walk along with other wildlife species, fly on a balloon safari and enjoy the migration from the sky, engage in cultural and community activities like visiting the Maasai communities, and learn their cultural lifestyle.

Let’s Start Planning Your Wildebeest Migration & Crossing Safaris.

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5 Tips for Planning Your 2022 & 2023 Wildebeest Migration Safari
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