Kibale National Park in Uganda


The Kibale National Park in South Uganda is populated by miles of evergreen rainforest and has the last significant expanse of pre-montane forest in East Africa. Kibale’s forest joins with the Queen Elizabeth National Park which, in total, creates over one hundred miles of a ‘wildlife corridor’. This corridor is home to many primates, most notably its twelve species of chimpanzees, including the Ugandan Red Colobus.

Activities in Kibale National Park

Whilst it may be a protected area, the Batooro and Bakiga tribes use the National Park’s natural resources to sustain a living, inclusive of food and fuel. Due to its rich soil, crops are ideally suited to grow here. The tourist revenue also helps create jobs for those who call Kibale home.

Whilst the forest is in itself something to behold, there is so much life that lurks between the trees. Like anywhere in Africa there is a great expanse of birds, but you can also see leopards, mongoose and bushpigs in Kibale. Why not include a trip to the National Park as part of your safari adventure with Cheetah Safaris? Our dedicated team are experts in the area can point out the best game viewing spots as well as provide extensive history on the tribes of Kibale.

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