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Our 4×4 Land Cruiser Jeeps are well designed to provide the best experiences while on safari adventures with us. Our Toyota Land Cruiser Safari Jeeps are well designed keeping in mind legroom, space, and window seats. They are fired with radio calls, water dispensers, and reclining seats. Reclining seats are best for old-age persons who need comfort to adjust the seat to their best-fit position.

Effortlessly traverse Africa’s harsh terrain with our 4×4 land cruiser jeeps

Our Jeeps are designed to provide a High Roof Hatch Top for game viewing that ensures you spot wildlife in a far distance while on a game drive. We have also ensured you get a window seat while on safari. We have equipped our jeeps with books, maps, and binocular that enables you to learn and enjoy your safari.

Without forgetting, we ensure you have a very professional, certified, well-disciplined, eloquent in speaking English, Spanish, French, and Italian Safari Guide. They are well trained to serve you with high-tech services and taking care of your needs while on safari. 

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What Our 4x4 Land Cruiser Safari Jeep Is Equipped With

First Aid Kit

Our Safari Jeeps are Equipped with First Aid Kits for any minor injuries while on safari.

Cooler Boxes

Filled with cold drinks, Alcoholic beverages, our cooler boxes are big to hold enough drinks for a long haul safari

Books & Maps

We Value sharing knowledge, except enjoying a safari, we ensure you grab one or two things about Africa

Power Sockets

Since we Travel for long haul safaris, we have ensured we power your gadgets so as you can remain connected to your families.

Window Seat

Our Safari Jeeps are guaranteed of a 6 Max Passenger capacity. You will therefore enjoy a window seat and enjoy sceneries while on safari

Hot Coffee & Soup

We have provision of hot coffee and soup while on safari, especially on day when cold weather dominates the day

Safari Food Hamper

African Safari Parks are located widely apart from each other, we therefore ensure we have you hot and well-packed food while on transit.


We offer wifi connectivity so we keep you connected to your family and the world. Our Wifi is fast and covers a wide range of places.

Water Despenser

We are mindful of our environment and we encourage our guests to use recyclable bottles that we provide while on safari

Radio Calls

They are important for communication especially in areas with no mobile connectivity, either for rescue or evacuations or any importance emergencies

Reclining Seats

These are seats designed to provide comfort for any kind of people keeping in mind age and disability. Fit with armrest too.

Spare Wheels

We ensure we fit our jeeps with important mechanical spares and fittings since we visit destinations with no close help while on safari.

Baby Sit

Family Safaris are our vital safaris since we get a chance to educate kids about Africa. We offer  Comfortable Baby Sit to keep them safe and comfy


They enable us bring closer animals that are far when we are on a game drive. We ensure you get 2 or more Binoculars while travelling with us.

Camera Beanbags

For Photographers, we are committed to give you best sights to take photos. With that, we offer bean bags that gives you stability to take amazing photos

Safari Seat Cushions

On Safari, we give our guests Masai Shukas and Seat Cushions for comfortability while on long or short haul travels with us.

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