Our Sustainable Safari Practices

Africa is becoming one of the best destination options for many travelers around the World. We are always happy to serve everyone from the different countries around the world who visit us for safari holidays. We have been able to keep the value of African safaris high due to the sustainability effort made by different players in the tourism industry.

Reducing Plastic Pollution

There is a high concern about the effect the world is facing from plastic pollution. The Aquatic Life, The Wildlife, Human Population, are at high risk of being affected. As Part of an effort to participate in the sustainable safari campaign, At Cheetah Safaris we have reusable water bottles that are well designed to hold any kind of drinks. Our Land Cruiser Jeeps are fitted with dispensable water tanks that are filled every time they’re empty with, clean water. We ensure you get clean water all through the safari, well-distilled mineral water.

Your Safari Holiday Supports Local Community Projects in Kenya

Every Safari you book with us, 10% of the booking fees go to support community projects, take kids to school, and create proper wildlife-human interaction awareness. We promote local projects to destinations we frequent like the Masai Mara Reserve, Serengeti National Park, Amboseli National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest Park, Ngorongorongoro Conservation Area, and many more. Our Sustainable Safari Policy ensures that communities living within and around our protected wildlife areas are supported immensly to show the impacct of tourism and safaris.

Promoting Ethical Safari Souvenirs 

We ensure our guests buy souvenirs that are not made by wildlife products such as Tusks and horns Elephant Rhinos, , Lion Teech and Much More. These products might’ve been sourced from animals killed for them, denying wildfires their rights to live. With a strict ban on wildlife product trade, one is guaranteed of a lifetime jail in Kenya. We therefore advise our guests not carry, buy or claim to own any wildlife product which might land you into the hand of tough law.

Community Projects

Most of our safaris involves community projects, wildlife awareness education to communities and children. We also try improve lives by providing government education,and how to improve their environment and living with wildlife. We also employ some to be our local guides and they get paid to at least make their livelihood sustained. By our Guests visiting, communities are guaranteed of sustained living.

Reduce, Re-Cycle, Re-use

We realised that our single use plastic bottles are so dangerous to our environment,and back in 2019, we have to start responsible practices to have water while on safari. We introduced this beautiful reusable bottle that you can use individually for your water, and or any other drink in it. They are portable and able to keep your drinks cool. Also are best used since they are not pollutant, and they last long.

Wildlife Respect

Visiting a National Park or Reserve, its for leisure and to refresh,at the same time learn and enjoy the serenity of the wild with Wildlife. We have park rules that we always provide you before you start your safari so as you can get familiar with them to respect wildlife space. We always Say, Wildlife have right of movement in the wild.


We Dont Support Hunting, Poaching or Bush Meat Practices. We value the life and existence of wildlife, and we support many Organisation in wildlife protection. Kenya is one of the leading wildlife protector and does not condone any kind of wildlife threatening. We are guided by the toughest law to protect wildlife in our safaris.

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