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The Great Wildebeest migration is a well-documented spectacle that you have probably heard from one source or another, but it is difficult to comprehend just how breath-taking this display is without witnessing it first-hand. Simply put, the Wildebeest migration is one of the most stunning events that you could ever wish to see. On top of this it’s not just wildebeest that you will be watching, expect to see all the diverse wildlife that Africa has to offer whilst embarking on your Wildebeest Migration safari with Cheetah Safaris.

The Ultimate Wildebeest Migration Package Safaris

Whether you want your safari adventure to last two nights or two weeks, at Cheetah Safaris we have you covered. We have an abundance of Wildebeest Migration Safaris for you to choose from that are situated in some of Africa’s prime wildlife spotting locations such as Kenya’s Masai Mara and Tanzania. The enchanting Wildebeest Migration safaris that we offer at Cheetah Safaris, include a number of exciting activities, so be sure to contact our team today to find out more!

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If you have any questions regarding our Wildebeest migration packages and would like to discuss them directly with a dedicated member of the Cheetah Safaris team, just give us a call now on +254 202509616 or Whatsapp us +254780337652 now.

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1st April to 15th Nov

high SEASON:

Jan 10th to 1st April and 1st Nov to 15th Dec


15th June to 30th Oct, 15th Dec to 10th Jan

migration SEASON:

15th June to 30th Oct

Short stay Wildebeest Migration safaris

Experience the wildebeest migration with a short-day safari. See the wildebeest in all their glory, before you move on to your next safari destination. 

Medium stay Wildebeest Migration safaris

The wildebeest migration is one of Africa’s must-see spectacles when embarking on a safari holiday, and in our packages, you can experience the power of migration up close.

Long stay Wildebeest Migration safaris

Do you want to experience the great wildebeest migration? Join a long stay safari for the chance to behold all the raw beauty of the annual wildebeest migration.

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