Flying Safaris by Plane, Helicopter or Hot Air Balloon


The simplest yet memorable way to travel in East Africa is by air. Cheetah Safaris specializes in Flying Safaris, using various different reputable scheduled and private charter aviation companies. Enabling you to cover large distances in a short time, traveling by air gives you the maximum amount of time on the ground to enjoy the local ecosystem, wildlife sighting, and safari property while still fresh and energetic. Whether flying from Masai Mara, the land of the big cats and wildebeest crossings, to Serengeti National Park, the vast plains hosting the wildebeests, our Flying safaris are the best options to ensure you capitalize on your holidays. A gorilla tour needs more energy and strength while trekking in between the thick tropic forests of Bwindi National Park, hence the need to have enough time to rest and reserve energy before and after. You will need a flying safari from Entebbe to Bwindi to take advantage of the short visit of a 3 to 4 days gorilla trekking safari.

African Flying Safaris Give You The Full Experience

Only by flying across East Africa can one truly appreciate the sheer scale of a country’s size and beauty. There are scheduled flights that connect all the main safari destinations as well as the coast, but for a more exclusive experience, we recommend taking your own private plane –for true luxury and flexibility. Traverse the major wildlife safari destinations in Africa with a charter or public plane within minutes over the vast plains. 

Flying from Nairobi, Mombasa, Zanzibar, or Arusha, your holiday destinations are not as far as compared by driving from these places to your bush holiday site. Flying Safaris Kenya guarantees short and yet scenic views as you cross the Great Rift Valley or the second mountain in Africa, Mt. Kenya. 

Helicopter Safaris

For the ultimate “game drive”, take to the skies for a bird’s eye view of Kenya’s dramatic and diverse landscapes. By helicopter, you can reach the remote moorlands of Mt. Kenya, soar over Kenya’s vast plateaus and watch wildlife roam, hunt, and bask beneath you, or visit the isolated and dramatic landscapes of Lake Turkana, Laikipia, and Samburu. Cheetah Safaris can arrange helicopter excursions from a morning’s scenic flight to exhilarating transfers between camps and lodges.

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Short stay Flying safaris

If you’re looking at a short stay safari, flying safaris can be a great way to pack more into your time, providing a spectacular way to see Africa’s wildlife.

Long stay Flying safaris

Our collection of long stay flying safaris will fast-track you to some of Africa’s remotest areas, giving you views of the beautiful land during your safari experience.

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