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Kenya Safaris from Nairobi

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Our Kenya Safaris from Nairobi is a one-in-a-lifetime safari adventure you can ever have. Imagine visiting almost 10 National Parks in Kenya with ease of access from Nairobi. Our Safaris from Nairobi are well-designed to offer you unlimited safari experiences. This includes having fun, making fun, and not forgetting impacting communities in Kenya.
A Kenya safari from Nairobi, starts early, in our 4×4 land cruiser jeep, and ready to traverse the deep wild of the Kenyan safari destinations. We offer short and long-haul safaris from Nairobi, which can be convenient for you if you are on a short stay or looking to explore the country more to make make a lifetime impact and memory.
Plan a Safari from Nairobi to the many National parks and reserves in Kenya, including the white sandy beaches in Diani, Lamu, and Watamu. Explore the Masai Mara for the wildebeest migration or fly to Meru National Park, or may drive down to Amboseli National Park to enjoy the snow-capped Mt. Kilimanjaro views. 
Our short safaris from Nairobi to Lake Nakuru or Lake Naivasha are very convenient safari tours to do. An overnight safari tour to Lake Naivasha can expose you to so many activities like boat rides, a visit to Hells Gate National Park, and enjoy walking tours on Crescent Island. 
Visit Lake Nakuru National Park and enjoy amazing sightings of the lesser and greater flamingos, and big cats sightings such as the leopards and lions, also you will be lucky to spot the southern white rhinos that are under tight protection here. Majestic views of Lake Nakuru as well are therapeutic from your room balcony.
Cheetah Safaris offers the best safaris in Nairobi, which start and end in Nairobi or Mombasa. Let’s discuss and plan your next Luxury Safari in Nairobi to any part of Kenya. 

Kenya Safaris from Nairobi to Amboseli

Kenya Safari packages from Nairobi - Amboseli Safari Holidays from Nairobi

Amboseli National Park offers one of the best wildlife safari holidays to our guests. With a 4-hour drive from Nairobi, our Amboseli Safaris are common and popular since you do a 3 days safari easily and with comfort. Although it is not limited, our Amboseli Safaris from Nairobi can be customized, and combined with other safari destinations like Masai Mara and Tsavo West National Park.

Our short safaris to Amboseli, 3 days 2 nights safaris offer the most incredible safari experiences, despite the short time. But you can stay more than 2 nights, enjoy more activities, visit communities, and even engage in conservation projects in and around Amboseli National Park.

Whether you are on a short stay in Nairobi or a brief Enroute holiday, we have amazing flying safaris to Amboseli National park. Only 30 Minutes of flight transfer from Nairobi, you can spend an overnight or even 2 nights here. Our flying safaris to Amboseli are very convenient but need to be booked early due to availability.

Enjoy extensive wildlife game drives inside Amboseli National Park, and spot the huge herds of elephants, big cats like the lions, and cheetahs roaming around the acacia-dominated grassland. Spot the lesser and the greater flamingos flying across lake Amboseli, or enjoy a sumptuous breakfast on top of the observation hill overlooking the swamps with elephants grazing.

Browse our wide selection of Kenya safari packages from Nairobi and we will be glad to customize for you to your best fit including a safari to Amboseli National Park.

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We will be glad to receive your safari inquiry and bookings to help you plan and organize your Kenya Safaris from Nairobi. Our able safari managers will be ready to go through the process to customize and tailor make the best safari in Nairobi Kenya.

Masai mara safari from Nairobi

Masai Mara Tour packages from Nairobi - Kenya Safaris from Nairobi
Looking to Visit the Masai Mara National Reserve? Whether on a Short or Long Visit to Kenya, Our Safaris to Masai Mara National Reserve should be your ideal bucket list destination for Your Kenya Safari Tour Experiences. Kenya Safaris from Nairobi to Masai Mara is suitable for families, friends, groups, photographers, honeymooners, and all kinds. 

It’s an award-winning Safari Destination in Africa, being the best for Wildebeest Migration experiences and the big cats such as lions, leopards, cheetahs, the big five of the Masai Mara Such as the Lions, Leopards, Rhinos, Elephants, and Buffalos.  bird species, and other flora and fauna.

Explore this gem with our comfortable land cruiser jeeps, with pop-up roofs, freezers, and wildlife essentials such as books, binoculars, and much more. The best Masai Mara Safaris are guided by the best qualified professional safari guides, and we got you covered. Enjoy sightings of the big cats, big five, and much more while on safaris with us.

Enjoy an exclusive luxury safari treat in our 4×4 land cruiser jeeps, able to span the entire reserve with their vantage viewpoints. If you need a more convenient means of transfer to Masai Mara, we offer flying safaris to the reserve, with only 45 minutes of flight, you will be at your exclusive camps enjoying your holiday. 

You can as well combine your Masai Mara Safari with other safari destinations in Kenya. With our extensive African Safari Holidays, these safaris are best when visiting different safari destinations like Amboseli National Park, Samburu National Reserve, or even crossing over to Serengeti National Park if you are on our exclusive wildebeest migration safaris.

Great Wildebeest Migration Safaris

Wildebeest Migration safari packages from Nairobi

Masai Mara is known for its great sightings of the Wildebeest Migration that keep migrating every year from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya. The best moments are spotted during the months of June to October when wildebeest cross the famous Sand River and Talek rivers

It’s very possible to extend your Masai mara Safaris from Nairobi to other destinations like the Lake Nakuru National Park for lesser and greater flamingos, Lake Naivasha to view the crescent island, Aberdares National Park, Amboseli National Park, waking up to the majestic views of Mt. Kilimanjaro, The Samburu National Reserve to spot the special five species of the Kenyan North, or either choose to relax and unwind by the cool waters of the Indian Ocean at the Kenyan Coast, Diani, Watamu, Lamu, Kilifi beaches. 

With our Wildebeest Migration Safaris from Nairobi, you will be guaranteed to have the best experiences, and enjoy an array of activities in Masai Mara.

Kenya luxury safari packages

best Kenya safari tours - Kenya safari tours from Nairobi

Whether on a Short visit or in need of long-haul Kenya safaris from Nairobi of more than 7 days, We got the perfect Kenya Safaris and Tours ideas for you. Browse the most suitable Masai Mara Safaris and get in touch with us to fine-tune it to fit your best interest. You can combine it with visits to other major parks in Kenya, or even extend your safari to Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

We can as well customize your luxury Kenya safaris to fit your best preferences, including safari activities, experiences, and how best you can create the best safari memories. These below Kenya safari Itineraries are best for families, solo travelers, and even couples looking to spice up their relationship or marriage.

Our below Kenya safaris from Nairobi are both long haul and short haul. Guests looking to visit a safari destination just for 3 days or 12 days, our safari ideas below are best to guide you in planning your next safari holiday in Kenya. Incase you cant get what suites you best, please get in touch with us, and we will be glad to help you plan.

All our safaris include community visits in Masai Mara, Amboseli, and even Samburu. We believe in Sustainable safaris to boost and create awareness of wildlife, nature, and environmental protection and conservation. Our Kenya Safaris from Nairobi is the best for this kind of safari since communities tend to benefit indirectly. 

Experience the best of Cheetah Safaris while on a Kenyan Safari Holiday.

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12 Days Pumba Luxury Safari In Kenya

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We are a safari company in Kenya that believes in sustainable safari practices, community support, and environment management and protection.

By Booking this safari, you contribute 1% of the bookings to sustainable safari practices and carbon offsetting programs in the world. We are a strong advocate of travel sustainability by ensuring we have all that it takes to protect everything for our future generations and healthy living. 

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