Chalbi Desert, Suguta Valley Adventures – Activities & Excursions

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The Chalbi Desert, a paradise located on the Northern Side of Kenya near the border with Ethiopia. It’s approximately 500 Km from Nairobi and approx 50km from Marsabit. Surrounded by volcanic remains, Chalbi Desert is the aridest and hottest place in Kenya. It has incredible huge sand dunes and beautiful natural sceneries.

The Chalbi Desert in northern Kenya has more to offer in picturesque and tranquil oases for some worthy moments. That and the fact that it is almost a sheer miracle that such a cool and vegetative spot can exist in such a vast region of nothing but sand and bareness.

When staying at Marsabit, you will be able to visit Lake Paradise in Marsabit National Park located in Marsabit County. It’s home to one of the huge elephant tuskers that reigned back in the 1960s and 70s called Ahmed.

Tribes and Culture

With its traditional nomadic routes, the region is also home to Kenya’s last nomadic tribes, such as the Turkana, Samburu, Marakwet, Pokot, Rendile, El Molo, and the Gabbra tribes. The Gabbra people of this area are a hardy race, and adaptation to a nomadic way of life ensures their survival.

Since Chalbi is an arid area, it gets hard for such communities to find water and food for their livestock and their own use. They tend to move and never spend a long time at a place.

They build temporary structures called manyattas, that are easy to demolish once time to move to the next stop arrives. In most cases, women and children are the ones left to build manyattas, while the men and young boys are out to graze and take care of their livestock.

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Nearby Destinations to Consider visit while in Chalbi.

  1. Loiyangalani – You can explore further to the Loiyangalani region, that’s on the shores of Lake Turkana. Its mostly covered with lots of volcanic ash and remains. Its believed to be the origin of human evolution and is home to most of the historic archives about human evolution. The Kenya Wildlife Service reserved this place as a historic protected area named Sibiloi National Park.In this region, you will be exposed to cultural practices and activities among the Rendile and El Molo Communities. They are among the cultural communities in Kenya with rich practices.

    Culture and Traditions - Loiyangalani, Lake Turkana
    Culture and Traditions – Loiyangalani, Lake Turkana
  2. Suguta Valley & Mount Ng’iro – It is a mountain in the north of Kenya overlooking the Suguta Valley, part of the Great Rift Valley, to the west. The mountain is surrounded by desert but is forested on its upper slopes.

    Suguta Valley - North of Kenya
    Suguta Valley – North of Kenya

Safaris to the North / Chalbi Desert / Suguta Valley

We organize these incredible safaris and game drives in an exclusive and customized manner, in order to offer our guests an out of this world experience. Most of our tours to Chalbi Desert, Suguta Valley, and Loyangalani are Organised from accommodation within and around Samburu Region. These tours are done using helicopters and last from 5hrs to a few days according to guests preferences.

One can opt to have breakfast in Chalbi Desert, Lunch in Loyangalani, and Dinner at the camp via the Suguta Valley, or a vice versa program of the same. It gives you an out of this world experience.

Safaris to Suguta Valley, Chalbi Desert and Loiyangalani
Safaris to Suguta Valley, Chalbi Desert and Loiyangalani

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Chalbi Desert, Suguta Valley Adventures – Activities & Excursions
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