East African National Parks​

Explore Kenya’s inner beauty by visiting one of Kenya’s National Parks.


One of the most exciting parts of a safari is visiting the many National Parks in East Africa that protect the wildlife from fauna to flora. You can normally see the exciting ‘Big Five’ in most of the parks, whether you visit Tsavo East or the Serengeti. You can explore an incredible array of terrains, from boggy swamplands to dry plains, lush forests and mountainous landscapes. Many people imagine just one view when they visit Africa, but you’ll be stunned at how various ecosystems make up the many National Parks in the area to create and sustain life.

What are the best National Parks in East Africa?

One of the best reasons to visit a National Park in East Africa, is to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration. A year-round event, the Wildebeest start in the Serengeti in Tanzania where they give birth to their offspring. During the latter half of the year they make the tiresome trek to the Masai Mara of Kenya where grasslands offer the promise of better pastures to graze on.

Every safari you choose with Cheetah Safaris includes a trip to at least one National Park. However, our team specialise in customised and private tours where you’re in control of your itinerary. Take a look at some of the best National Parks in East Africa below and see which ones pique your interest. Want to find out more? Simply get in touch with us here at Cheetah Safaris and our team will provide you with expert advice on any National Park.

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